2016 NIAC Awards Announced

Coach of the Year (Men) – Tim Sowden (AFLBS)

Coach of the Year (Women) – Rachael Nowell (TBC)

Player of the Year (Men) – Sean Jay (TMCC)

Player of the Year (Women) – Jaylen Newman (TBC)

All Conference – (Men)

Aaron Arneson (AFLBS)
Travis Haugen (AFLBS)
Chris Papillon (AFLBS)
Jeremy O’Brien (LLTC)
Ezekiel Cook (OHCC)
Friscoe Erdahl (TBC)
Jaden Shockley (TBC)
Aaron Stemen (TBC)
Kolten Keplin (TMCC)
Dante Pearson (TMCC)

Honorable Mention –

Travis Dow (LLTC)
Aiden Guthrie (OHCC)

All Conference – (Women)

Katie Berge (AFLBS)
Ciara Fineday (LLTC)
Justine Jourdain (LLTC)
Janae Droste (TBC)
Rebecca Olsson (TBC)
Shayian Davis (TMCC)
Claudia Santiestban (TMCC)
Whitney Wallette (TMCC)

Honorable Mention –

Amy Pflughaupt (AFLBS)
Daniell Jourdain (LLTC)
Tonya Morris (LLTC)
Shakiya Chase (TMCC)



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