2022 NIAC Awards Announced


Coach of the Year – Jordan Nowell (TBC)

Player of the Year – Deontray Anderson (OHCC)

All Conference –

Deontray Anderson (OHCC)
Khalil Bolden (TBC)
Andrew Carlson (FLBC)
Wyatt Enno (TMCC)
Kobe Gourneau (TMCC)
Jarrell Jacobs (LLTC)
Colten Jensen (OHCC)
Arnold Kingbird (LLTC)
Marcellus Mencarini (TBC)
Micah Moan (FLBC)
Jamison Pratt (SWC)
Kane Rabbithead (NHSC)
TJ Shellman (SWC)
Tyrik Ward (TBC)
Quincy Wilson (OHCC)

All Conference Honorable Mention –

Ethan Brown (LLTC)
Jonas Fairrow (FLBC)
Johnny German III (SWC)
Jonah Jackson (NHSC)
James Keplin (TMCC)
Mitch Marr (FLBC)
Austin Molan (TBC)
Jex Nwalor (OHCC)
Shooter Stewart (NHSC)


Coach of the Year – Rachael Nowell (TBC)

Player of the Year – Stacia West (TBC)

All Conference –

Brenna Anderson (TBC)
Caitlyn Davis (TMCC)
Kailee Fineday (LLTC)
Shayla Gayton (NHSC)
Shelby Greven (FLBC)
Kobi Keplin (TMCC)
Jordyn LaBlanc (SWC)
Abby Molan (TBC)
Chelsey Quick Bear (NHSC)
Lydia Rieschl (FLBC)
Hailey Shepherd (SWC)
Brooke Tuttle (TMCC)
Madison Wells (SWC)
Grace West (TBC)
Stacia West (TBC)

All Conference Honorable Mention –

Jonna Brady (NHSC)
Cora Oltman (FLBC)
Danae Wilson (LLTC)


Lady Mustangs, Mighty Mikinocks capture titles

NIAC Women’s Basketball Championship game

Sisseton Wahpeton College 73, Trinity Bible College 61

Lady Mustangs upset the top seeded Lions in the championship game

NIAC Men’s Basketball Championship game

Turtle Mountain Community College 95, Trinity Bible College 80

NIAC Quarterfinals recap

Top seeds were victorious in three of the five games played on Day 1 of the NIAC Tournament. Both five-seeds pulled out minor upsets to advance to the semifinals.

Free Lutheran Bible women put together one of their best performances of the season knocking off fourth-seeded Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish who had defeated the Lady Conquerors twice during the regular season.

In the men’s bracket Leech Lake Tribal College and host Free Lutheran Bible College closed out the day with an overtime thriller.

NIAC Men results

Oak Hills Christian 90, Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish 69

Turtle Mountain CC 89, Sisseton Wahpeton 66

Leech Lake Tribal 66, Free Lutheran Bible 65 (OT)

NIAC Women results

Turtle Mountain 91, Leech Lake Tribal 31

Free Lutheran Bible 73, 7) Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish 58

NIAC teams place at ACCA Tournament

Three member teams traveled to Joplin this week for the Association of Christian College Athletics Basketball Tournament. Both men and women squads from Free Lutheran Bible, Oak Hills Christian and Trinity Bible competed against other top teams of the ACCA.

FLBC men

L, 102-84 vs Trinity Bible

L, vs Carolina Christian

7th PLACE: L, vs Spurgeon

FLBC women

L, 57-44 vs Trinity Bible

9th PLACE: W, 45-41 vs Oak Hills Christian

Oak Hills men

L, 109-73 vs Dallas Christian

W, 84-61 vs Spurgeon

9th PLACE: L, 69-60 vs Carolina Christian

Oak Hills women

L, vs Carolina Christian

L, 45-41 vs Free Lutheran Bible

Trinity Bible men

W, 102-84 vs Free Lutheran Bible

W, 88-79 vs Kansas Christian

L, 86-65 vs University of LA College of Divinity

3rd PLACE: L, 88-85 vs Arlington Baptist

Trinity Bible women

W, 57-44 vs Free Lutheran Bible

L, 94-54 vs Champion Christian

L, 69-63 vs Kansas Chrstian

7th PLACE: L, 87-75 vs Ozark Christian

NIAC season delayed until January

Northern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference has made the decision to delay our upcoming basketball season due to COVID-19. Regular season games will now begin January 8, 2021.

Dates for the 2021 NIAC men’s and women’s conference tournament will be March 19-21. Tournament host will be announced in the coming weeks.

RRCrebelsNIAC member school Red River College previously announced their intention to suspend all varsity athletics – including men’s and women’s basketball – for the entire 2020-21 academic year.

2020 NIAC Awards Announced


Coach of the Year – Scott Kirkpatrick (RRC)

Player of the Year – Torrez McKoy (RRC)

All Conference

Nathan Armstrong (LLTC)
Isaiah Cole (CMU)
Kieler Counts (TMCC)
Ronnie Jackson (OHCC)
Arnold Kingbird (LLTC)
Logan Klitzke (TBC)
Jordan Lawson (PUC)
Micah Moan (FLBC)
Jamerick Moton (SWC)
Mikah Olson (FLBC)
D’Laino Paige (SWC)
Bryce Rader (TMCC)
Mark Ridd (RRC)
Frank Tocci (RRC)
DJ White (SWC)

All Conference Honorable Mention

Kieran Baydock (CMU)
Khalil Bolden (TBC)
Tanner Brien (TMCC)
Jared Brown (LLTC)
Waedon Dueck (PUC)
Joseph Looking Horse (NHSC)
Seth McKenzie (CMU)
Austin Molan (TBC)
Trezon Morcilla (RRC)
Collin Mossett (NHSC)
Will Richmond (OHCC)
Terrell Shellman (SWC)
Bryant Smith (PUC)
Luther Zeltinger (FLBC)


Coach of the Year – Joe DiCursio (CMU)

Player of the Year – Julia Schatkowsky (CMU)

All Conference

Shirliz Apiyo (CMU)
Kyla Clarke (RRC)
Caitlyn Davis (TMCC)
Grace Dryburgh (FLBC)
Falynn Ferris (TMCC)
Lacey Finnbogason (RRC)
Jessica Marx Houndle (CMU)
Jodene Kowalchuk (RRC)
Kennedy Nofziger (TBC)
Mhaddie Poitra (TMCC)
Natalya Reimer (PUC)
Katelin Thiessen (PUC)
Madison Trussoni (FLBC)
Hannah Van Schie (PUC)
Stacia West (TBC)

All Conference Honorable Mention

Hannah Boyer (FLBC)
Alena Collier (PUC)
Willow Eastman (SWC)
Larissa McKay (TMCC)
Raquel Perez (SWC)
JoAnna Smith (NHSC)