2020 NIAC Awards Announced


Coach of the Year – Scott Kirkpatrick (RRC)

Player of the Year – Torrez McKoy (RRC)

All Conference

Nathan Armstrong (LLTC)
Isaiah Cole (CMU)
Kieler Counts (TMCC)
Ronnie Jackson (OHCC)
Arnold Kingbird (LLTC)
Logan Klitzke (TBC)
Jordan Lawson (PUC)
Micah Moan (FLBC)
Jamerick Moton (SWC)
Mikah Olson (FLBC)
D’Laino Paige (SWC)
Bryce Rader (TMCC)
Mark Ridd (RRC)
Frank Tocci (RRC)
DJ White (SWC)

All Conference Honorable Mention

Kieran Baydock (CMU)
Khalil Bolden (TBC)
Tanner Brien (TMCC)
Jared Brown (LLTC)
Waedon Dueck (PUC)
Joseph Looking Horse (NHSC)
Seth McKenzie (CMU)
Austin Molan (TBC)
Trezon Morcilla (RRC)
Collin Mossett (NHSC)
Will Richmond (OHCC)
Terrell Shellman (SWC)
Bryant Smith (PUC)
Luther Zeltinger (FLBC)


Coach of the Year – Joe DiCursio (CMU)

Player of the Year – Julia Schatkowsky (CMU)

All Conference

Shirliz Apiyo (CMU)
Kyla Clarke (RRC)
Caitlyn Davis (TMCC)
Grace Dryburgh (FLBC)
Falynn Ferris (TMCC)
Lacey Finnbogason (RRC)
Jessica Marx Houndle (CMU)
Jodene Kowalchuk (RRC)
Kennedy Nofziger (TBC)
Mhaddie Poitra (TMCC)
Natalya Reimer (PUC)
Katelin Thiessen (PUC)
Madison Trussoni (FLBC)
Hannah Van Schie (PUC)
Stacia West (TBC)

All Conference Honorable Mention

Hannah Boyer (FLBC)
Alena Collier (PUC)
Willow Eastman (SWC)
Larissa McKay (TMCC)
Raquel Perez (SWC)
JoAnna Smith (NHSC)

2019 NIAC Awards Announced

All Conference – (Men)

Coach of the Year – Thomas DeJoseph (SWC)


Player of the Year – Malik Norfleet (SWC)


All Conference –

Taven Azure (TMCC)
Benjamin Dryburgh (AFLBS)
Riley Ens (CMU)
Nathan Howard (LLTC)
Arnold Kingbird (LLTC)
Ronnie Jackson (OHCC)
Jordan Lawson (PUC)
Torrez McKay (RRC)
Seth McKenzie (CMU)
Micah Moan (AFLBS)
Jamerick Moton (SWC)
Kendall Perpall (PUC)
Mark Ridd (RRC)
Elwood Tomlinson (SWC)
Jamal Williams (TBC)


Honorable Mention –

Keegan Beer (CMU)
Cash Blanca (PUC)
Phillip Harris (OHCC)
Logan Klitzke (TBC)
Taylor Peltier (TMCC)
DJ White (SWC)
Steve Williamson (RRC)
Alvin Wind (LLTC)
Luther Zeltinger (AFLBS)



All Conference – (Women)

Coach of the Year – Joel Coursey (PUC)


Player of the Year – Julia Schatkowsky (CMU)


All Conference

Shirliz Apiyo (CMU)
Emily Cuellar (SWC)
Carlie Decoteau (TMCC)
Chambre Droste (TBC)
Grace Dryburgh (AFLBS)
Taylor Goodbrandson (PUC)
Kalei Kerby (AFLBS)
Jessica Marx-Houndle (CMU)
Cyzelle Mas (RRC)
Kennedy Nofzinger (TBC)
Delicia Payer (SWC)
Mhaddie Poitra (TMCC)
Katelin Thiessen (PUC)
Hannah Van Schie (PUC)


Honorable Mention –

Joanne Schwarz (PUC)
Chandler Lee (SWC)
Faith Dionne (TMCC)
Bobbi Jo Alverson (AFLBS)


Contest Winners – 

3-Point Champion (Men) – Seth McKenzie (CMU)
3-Point Champion (Women) – Kennedy Nofzinger (TBC)


Slam Dunk Champion – Brentyn McKinney (SWC)
Slam Dunk Runner-Up – Anthony Douglas (SWC)









NIAC Expansion Continues with NHSC

The Northern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (NIAC) is pleased to announce the addition of Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College (New Town, ND) as its 11th active member, beginning with the 2019-20 academic year.

“We are very much looking forward to the addition of NHSC as a NIAC member and feel their inclusion will further strengthen what’s become a very competitive conference,” said Dan Hovestol, NIAC President. “Additionally, we’re aggressively pursuing further expansion as it relates to future NIAC sport and sanctioned tournament options. With 11 colleges, the opportunity to serve our athletes with additional sport offerings becomes more likely in the future.  We’re not only encouraged by the continued addition of NIAC member institutions but also with recent developments of a more intentional relationship with the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC).  Future partnership with the MCAC can potentially expand our athletic opportunities beyond just basketball which I believe is a win-win for all involved.”

The upcoming NIAC postseason basketball tournament will be held February 15-17, 2019 on the Sisseton Wahpeton College campus. Existing members of the NIAC are: Association Free Lutheran Bible School (Plymouth, Minnesota), Canadian Mennonite University (Winnipeg, Manitoba), Cankdeska Cikana Community College (Fort Totten, North Dakota), Leech Lake Tribal College (Cass Lake, Minnesota), Oak Hills Christian College (Bemidji, Minnesota), Providence University College (Otterburne, Manitoba), Red River College (Winnipeg, Manitoba), Sisseton Wahpeton College (Agency Village, SD), Trinity Bible College (Ellendale, North Dakota) and Turtle Mountain Community College (Belcourt, North Dakota).

NIAC Community Service Gift – 2018

NIAC Community Service
Cankdeska Cikana Community College Athletic Director, Herb Hofer (right), presented a check and collected non perishable food items to Louis Garcia, representative for the Bdecan Presbyterian Church Food Shelf on behalf of the Northern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (NIAC). The NIAC held their annual post season basketball championships in Fort Totten, ND on the Cankdeska campus from February 15-17, 2018. The donations are part of the NIAC’s community support initiative that gives back to the communities that host and welcome NIAC athletes and teams during tournament action.

2018 NIAC Awards Announced

All Conference – (Men)

Coach of the Year – Brady Fairbanks (LLTC)


Player of the Year – Blake Broer (SWC)


All Conference –

Jaren Brooks (OHCC)
Chris Demauleon-Martolay (RRC)
Oliver Gourd III (CCCC)
Kevin Hanks (LLTC)
Jaden Harms (CMU)
Korey Harris (TBC)
Phillip Harris (OHCC)
Josh Laduke (LLTC)
Jordan Lawson (PUC)
Stephen Moan (AFLBS)
Malik Norfleet (SWC)
Kendall Perpall (PUC)
Dalton Poitra (TMCC)
Anton Wilkerson (SWC)
Steve Williamson (RRC)

Honorable Mention –

Duke Abalos (OHCC)
Chris Dick (PUC)
Nate Howard (LLTC)
Nick Kasmik (CMU)
Kolten Keplin (TMCC)
Logan Klitzke (TBC)
Mark Ridd (RRC)
Parker Stemen (TBC)
Kneil Sullera (CMU)
DJ White (SWC)

All Conference – (Women)

Coach of the Year – Rachael Nowell (TBC)


Player of the Year – Samantha Nunez (SWC)


All Conference –

Cherlee Collins (SWC)
Emily Cuellar (SWC)
Julia Davis (TMCC)
Lacey Finbogason (RRC)
Taylor Goodbrandson (PUC)
Kiara Guy (CCCC)
Averi Holthusen (LLTC)
Kalei Kerby (AFLBS)
Sunshyne Kingbird (LLTC)
Emma Logan (TBC)
Jessica Marx-Houndle (CMU)
Zera Lynn Panessa (RRC)
Julia Schatkowsky (CMU)
Joanne Schwarz (PUC)
Shaylyn Steinheuser (TBC)

Honorable Mention –

Robelie Aaron (RRC)
Paige Blake (AFLBS)
Brynn Crockett (TBC)
Alexis Davis (TMCC)
Illeana Frenchman (SWC)
Alyss Mountain (LLTC)
Kiara Rongavilla (CMU)
Raegan Swiftwater (SWC)
Alison Zajac (PUC)

2018 NIAC Tournament Matchups Set

Thursday, February 15

9:00 am –  WOMEN: RRC (61) vs PUC (52)

10:45 am – MEN: OHCC (90) vs PUC (95)

12:30 pm – WOMEN: CMU (81) vs TMCC (55)

2:15 pm – MEN: RRC (72) vs CMU (73)

4:00 pm – WOMEN: TBC (63) vs LLTC (53)

5:45 pm – MEN: LLTC (77) vs TMCC (53)

7:30 pm – WOMEN: SWC (106) vs CCCC (34)

9:15 pm – MEN: SWC (93) vs TBC (94)

Friday, February 16

2:00 pm – WOMEN: Canadian Mennonite (69) vs Trinity Bible (53)

4:00 pm – MEN: Canadian Mennonite (83) vs Leech Lake Tribal (86)

6:00 pm – WOMEN: Red River (57) vs Sisseton Wahpeton (74)

8:00 pm – MEN: Providence (92) vs Trinity Bible (85) – OT

Saturday, February 17

1:00 pm – WOMEN: Championship – Canadian Mennonite (86) vs Sisseton Wahpeton (88) – OT

3:00 pm – MEN: Championship – Leech Lake Tribal (95) vs Providence (81)

All games played on the campus of Cankdeska Cikana Community College in Fort Totten, North Dakota. Watch live on YouTube