“The Blue Team”

As summer quickly approaches, you might want to consider adding a recently published basketball book to your reading list. The Blue Team, written by Peter Young, former basketball player at George Washington University, is a story that chronicles the life of Thomas Conner, a fictional player that has perfected the art of the jump shot. In trying to prove he can play like his hero, the great Larry Bird, leads to disaster for Thomas.

With the season and his career hanging in the balance, Thomas must identify and conquer his greatest enemy.  If he can, he and his George Washington University teammates might just become the next NCAA Cinderella story.

Who is an athlete’s greatest adversary?  The guy trying to block your shot?  The teammate who won’t pass the ball?  The coach who won’t play you enough?  Someone else?  And without knowing the answer is it even possible to achieve the peace of mind that legendary coach John Wooden says comes with success?

The Blue Team is about more than just basketball.  It is a story about fathers and sons, finding our true identity, falling in love, and incorporates a religious theme that demonstrates God’s redemptive power.

Dan Hovestol, NIAC President, has read The Blue Team and strongly endorses Young’s work; “When I began reading Peter’s book, I wasn’t planning on devouring its words in such a quick helping.  The book effectively brought me into its story line and left me anticipating each word on the page.  I was surprised how quickly I finished reading The Blue Team and am already looking forward to Young’s next book.”

Other endorsements of Young’s book include:

Norm Sonju, Co-founder and retired President/GM, Dallas Mavericks: “I got so absorbed that I read it in just two days.”

Mike Jarvis, Author, speaker and former head coach , George Washington and St. John’s: “I laughed, I cried, and cheered as the story behind the story unfolded.  The book spoke to my heart and most of all it spoke to my soul.  When it ended, I wanted more.”

For more information on The Blue Team and to subscribe to Peter Young’s Tip of the Week, feel free to visit http://peterbyoung.com/


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