2019 NIAC Awards Announced

All Conference – (Men)

Coach of the Year – Thomas DeJoseph (SWC)


Player of the Year – Malik Norfleet (SWC)


All Conference –

Taven Azure (TMCC)
Benjamin Dryburgh (AFLBS)
Riley Ens (CMU)
Nathan Howard (LLTC)
Arnold Kingbird (LLTC)
Ronnie Jackson (OHCC)
Jordan Lawson (PUC)
Torrez McKay (RRC)
Seth McKenzie (CMU)
Micah Moan (AFLBS)
Jamerick Moton (SWC)
Kendall Perpall (PUC)
Mark Ridd (RRC)
Elwood Tomlinson (SWC)
Jamal Williams (TBC)


Honorable Mention –

Keegan Beer (CMU)
Cash Blanca (PUC)
Phillip Harris (OHCC)
Logan Klitzke (TBC)
Taylor Peltier (TMCC)
DJ White (SWC)
Steve Williamson (RRC)
Alvin Wind (LLTC)
Luther Zeltinger (AFLBS)



All Conference – (Women)

Coach of the Year – Joel Coursey (PUC)


Player of the Year – Julia Schatkowsky (CMU)


All Conference

Shirliz Apiyo (CMU)
Emily Cuellar (SWC)
Carlie Decoteau (TMCC)
Chambre Droste (TBC)
Grace Dryburgh (AFLBS)
Taylor Goodbrandson (PUC)
Kalei Kerby (AFLBS)
Jessica Marx-Houndle (CMU)
Cyzelle Mas (RRC)
Kennedy Nofzinger (TBC)
Delicia Payer (SWC)
Mhaddie Poitra (TMCC)
Katelin Thiessen (PUC)
Hannah Van Schie (PUC)


Honorable Mention –

Joanne Schwarz (PUC)
Chandler Lee (SWC)
Faith Dionne (TMCC)
Bobbi Jo Alverson (AFLBS)


Contest Winners – 

3-Point Champion (Men) – Seth McKenzie (CMU)
3-Point Champion (Women) – Kennedy Nofzinger (TBC)


Slam Dunk Champion – Brentyn McKinney (SWC)
Slam Dunk Runner-Up – Anthony Douglas (SWC)









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