NIAC Members At ACCA National Tourney


NIAC teams from AFLBS (men and women) and Trinity Bible College (men) are competing in the ACCA National Tournament this week. The tournament is being played in Joplin, Missouri.


5:00 PM: AFLBS women vs Arlington Baptist College

6:45 PM: Trinity Bible College vs Welch College

8:30 PM: AFLBS men vs Providence


2:15 PM: Trinity Bible College vs Arlington Baptist College

5:45 PM: AFLBS women vs Ozark Christian College

7:00 PM: AFLBS men vs Hillsdale Baptist College


4:45 PM: Trinity Bible College vs Ozark Christian College

8:15 PM: AFLBS men vs Rhema Bible College


10:30 AM: 7th Place Game- AFLBS men vs Trinity Bible College

noon: 5th Place Game- AFLBS women vs Welch College

Updated on 3/5/2016


ACCA National Tournament

Two NIAC men’s teams will compete in the upcoming Association of Christian College Athletics National Tournament March 2-5 in Joplin, Missouri. Arlington Baptist are the two-time defending national champions.

The ACCA has 16 member schools – 12 which will compete in the tournament.

ACCA seeding:

  1. Hillsdale Free Will Bible College (15-10)
  2. Arlington Baptist College (12-11)
  3. Dallas Christian College
  4. Crossroads College (14-13)
  5. Rhema Bible Training College (15-9)
  6. Ozark Christian College
  7. Welch College
  8. Providence University College (13-8)
  9. AFLBS (10-15)
  10. Trinity Bible College (10-18)
  11. Champion College
  12. Emmaus Bible College (6-24)

Further NIAC Expansion On The Horizon?

As the 2015-16 NIAC regular season and post-season tournament are in the books, off season focus has quickly turned towards the long term plan for conference sustainability and expansion. Once an eight team conference, the NIAC has seen a lot of change over the years. With college closures, dropping of athletic programs and program departures to other conferences/affiliations, the conference has often faced an annual state of evolution.

While the competitive balance has remained strong within the conference, the need for additional colleges that have both men’s and women’s programs has been a primary focus of attention for Dan Hovestol, NIAC President for the past 15 years.

“While our sights have been focused on re-establishing an eight team conference as in years past, I believe there’s potential for even further growth for the Northern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. With the additions of Cankdeska Cikana Community College and Canadian Mennonite University in 2016-17, we feel we’re well on our way to making the eight team conference a reality.”blazers

Hovestol continued, “That said, we’ve now begun to explore the idea of future expansion towards a bigger and more robust conference. Preliminary conversations have been conducted with potential college additions and the process of geographical and “good fit” analysis are underway. Regardless of what happens with expansion efforts, it’s truly an exciting “new day” for our conference. More league teams will create a more competitive regular season schedule and will create a larger and more exciting bracket for our post season tournaments. While schedule expansion and greater visibility for our colleges is beneficial for all of our programs, we feel being progressive in future plans ultimately best serves the people we place at the forefront of our attention; our student athletes.”

Stay connected to the NIAC website for future conference news and notes. It should be exciting to see how things shake out for the NIAC conference in the years ahead!

2016 NIAC Awards Announced

Coach of the Year (Men) – Tim Sowden (AFLBS)

Coach of the Year (Women) – Rachael Nowell (TBC)

Player of the Year (Men) – Sean Jay (TMCC)

Player of the Year (Women) – Jaylen Newman (TBC)

All Conference – (Men)

Aaron Arneson (AFLBS)
Travis Haugen (AFLBS)
Chris Papillon (AFLBS)
Jeremy O’Brien (LLTC)
Ezekiel Cook (OHCC)
Friscoe Erdahl (TBC)
Jaden Shockley (TBC)
Aaron Stemen (TBC)
Kolten Keplin (TMCC)
Dante Pearson (TMCC)

Honorable Mention –

Travis Dow (LLTC)
Aiden Guthrie (OHCC)

All Conference – (Women)

Katie Berge (AFLBS)
Ciara Fineday (LLTC)
Justine Jourdain (LLTC)
Janae Droste (TBC)
Rebecca Olsson (TBC)
Shayian Davis (TMCC)
Claudia Santiestban (TMCC)
Whitney Wallette (TMCC)

Honorable Mention –

Amy Pflughaupt (AFLBS)
Daniell Jourdain (LLTC)
Tonya Morris (LLTC)
Shakiya Chase (TMCC)