ACCA changes for NIAC member schools

Free Lutheran Bible College to Host 2024-2026 ACCA Basketball Tournaments
The Board of the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA) announces significant organizational changes that will result in the annual spring basketball tournaments being moved to Minneapolis, MN for the 2024 through 2026 seasons.

The tournaments will be hosted by Free Lutheran Bible College in Plymouth, MN, with the 2024 dates of March 12-15, aligning with the date and Minneapolis-area location for the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) basketball tournaments. Fall sports tournaments, including men’s soccer and women’s volleyball, will continue to be held by Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO.

Additionally, member schools will no longer pay dues, but will pay a per-tournament entry fee. Schools participating in the tournaments must meet ACCA guidelines, including teams comprised of full time students and programs that require at least 20 credits of Bible. ACCA Board members made these changes in order to serve more colleges and to emphasize the Christian character of participating institutions:

“The goal of this decision is to serve more like mission institutions that perhaps have run out of year end options for their athletes,” said Dan Hovestol, ACCA Board Vice Chairman. “Strategically moving our dates and location to align with our friends at the NCCAA will provide a secondary championship alternative for those schools who have no national affiliation or fail to qualify for the NCCAA national tournament.”

FLBC President Wade Mobley, who also serves on the ACCA, noted the anticipation of the campus for such an event.

“We opened the Student Life Center in 2021 and have enjoyed the venue very much. Our conference tournament is a highlight every year, and we are thrilled to serve as the new home for the spring ACCA basketball tournaments for the next three years.”

Further inquiries may be addressed to ACCA Board Chair Chris Lahm at (417) 626-1262, or

Founded in 1964 by the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations (, the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary ( includes a two-year post-secondary program (FLBC) and a four-year Master of Divinity pastoral training program Level (FLS). The Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary gained accreditation from the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS, in 2018.

For further information or clarification, please contact Director of Recruiting and Communications Mr. Josh Johnson at (763) 544-9501, or

Established in 1983 as the National Bible College Athletic Association (NBCAA), the Association for Christian College Athletics (ACCA) exists to provide a national organization to hold championships, name All-Americans and scholar athletes, and promote member colleges. For more information contact ACCA Board Chair Chris Lahm at (417) 626-1262, or


NIAC teams place at ACCA Tournament

Three member teams traveled to Joplin this week for the Association of Christian College Athletics Basketball Tournament. Both men and women squads from Free Lutheran Bible, Oak Hills Christian and Trinity Bible competed against other top teams of the ACCA.

FLBC men

L, 102-84 vs Trinity Bible

L, vs Carolina Christian

7th PLACE: L, vs Spurgeon

FLBC women

L, 57-44 vs Trinity Bible

9th PLACE: W, 45-41 vs Oak Hills Christian

Oak Hills men

L, 109-73 vs Dallas Christian

W, 84-61 vs Spurgeon

9th PLACE: L, 69-60 vs Carolina Christian

Oak Hills women

L, vs Carolina Christian

L, 45-41 vs Free Lutheran Bible

Trinity Bible men

W, 102-84 vs Free Lutheran Bible

W, 88-79 vs Kansas Christian

L, 86-65 vs University of LA College of Divinity

3rd PLACE: L, 88-85 vs Arlington Baptist

Trinity Bible women

W, 57-44 vs Free Lutheran Bible

L, 94-54 vs Champion Christian

L, 69-63 vs Kansas Chrstian

7th PLACE: L, 87-75 vs Ozark Christian

ACCA All Americans Named

The Association of Christian College Athletics named their All-Americans today. Several NIAC players were honored.

ACCA Men – First Team

  • Aaron Arneson, Fosston (MN) – AFLBS
  • Aaron Stemen, LaMoure (ND) – Trinity Bible Collegestemen

ACCA Men – Second Team

  • Stephen Moan, Corcoran (MN) – AFLBS
  • Jamal Williams, Powder Springs (GA) – Trinity Bible College

ACCA Women – First Team

  • Jaylen Newman, Velva (ND) – Trinity Bible College
  • Bekah Peterson, Valley City (ND) – AFLBS

ACCA Women – Second Team

Full press release can be found here

Four NIAC Men Named ACCA All-American

Following the national championship tournament of the Association of Christian College Athletics (ACCA) four NIAC players were named All-American:ACCA

First Team

Guard Aaron Stemen, Jr. – Trinity Bible – LaMoure, ND

Second Team

Guard Friscoe Erdahl, Jr. – Trinity Bible – Ten Sleep, WY

Forward Travis Haugen, So. – AFLBS – Pelican Rapids, MN

Forward Chris Papillon, Soph. – AFLBS – Big Rock, IL

NIAC Members At ACCA National Tourney


NIAC teams from AFLBS (men and women) and Trinity Bible College (men) are competing in the ACCA National Tournament this week. The tournament is being played in Joplin, Missouri.


5:00 PM: AFLBS women vs Arlington Baptist College

6:45 PM: Trinity Bible College vs Welch College

8:30 PM: AFLBS men vs Providence


2:15 PM: Trinity Bible College vs Arlington Baptist College

5:45 PM: AFLBS women vs Ozark Christian College

7:00 PM: AFLBS men vs Hillsdale Baptist College


4:45 PM: Trinity Bible College vs Ozark Christian College

8:15 PM: AFLBS men vs Rhema Bible College


10:30 AM: 7th Place Game- AFLBS men vs Trinity Bible College

noon: 5th Place Game- AFLBS women vs Welch College

Updated on 3/5/2016

ACCA National Tournament

Two NIAC men’s teams will compete in the upcoming Association of Christian College Athletics National Tournament March 2-5 in Joplin, Missouri. Arlington Baptist are the two-time defending national champions.

The ACCA has 16 member schools – 12 which will compete in the tournament.

ACCA seeding:

  1. Hillsdale Free Will Bible College (15-10)
  2. Arlington Baptist College (12-11)
  3. Dallas Christian College
  4. Crossroads College (14-13)
  5. Rhema Bible Training College (15-9)
  6. Ozark Christian College
  7. Welch College
  8. Providence University College (13-8)
  9. AFLBS (10-15)
  10. Trinity Bible College (10-18)
  11. Champion College
  12. Emmaus Bible College (6-24)